Who Is More Intelligent and Clever? Male or Female?

Who is extra clever and intelligent? Male or feminine? This query is being put by the world from time immemorial. Scholars are of various opinions. Some say male and others say feminine.

But a becoming reply has been given by a Tamil poet by title Karmega kavignar.
He has written a ebook titled ‘Kongu mandala sathakam’ wherein he has answered this query. Kongu mandalam is the current Coimbatore area of Tamilnadu, India. This sathakam consists of 100 verses which supplies the glory of this well-known area.
In verse no 65 the poet offers an actual story that has occurred in Sangagiri, a small metropolis in Kongu space.

Who Is More Intelligent and Clever

Once there lived an excellent poet by title Emperuman. He has composed an excellent work known as ‘Takkai isai Ramayanam” His title and fame was unfold by means of out the far off land and plenty of poets had been turned his mates.

They used to return to Karamega kavignar’s home for helpful literary debate.
Once as traditional some students got here to his home. But the poet was not there as he was away to finish an pressing job.

His spouse Poongothai, by title, was very clever and intelligent. As per the apply of the olden days, she saved herself inside the home and the students sat on the small frontal space of the home. They began chatting.

During the course of their discuss one poet mentioned casually that regardless that the ladies are discovered one cannot anticipate them to be matured. The different one mentioned the ladies normally are by no means clever and intelligent. The third one mentioned they’re meant just for cooking and citing the kids.

Poongothai who was contained in the entrance corridor of the home listened all this debate.
All these factors had been heard by Poongothai. Immediately she has written a poem in a Venba format, a sort of prosody in Tamil, in a small palm leaf and despatched it to the debating geniuses by means of a small little one.

The poem written by her was learn out loudly. It mentioned, ” In fact only female are more matured and male are less intelligent and not at all that much clever. Can’t you realize, oh, a woman only understands once she conceives. But no man under the earth could understand ever whether he has given a birth to a boy or girl.”

All the poets had been very a lot shocked to see this significant poem. This poem gave an excellent perception to all of them.

Suddenly all of them burst in to the corridor and prostrated earlier than Poongothai and apologized. They beg her to pardon them.

At the very second the good poet, Poongothai’s husband entered into the home and was bewildered to see all of his mates had been on the ft of his spouse.

He discovered what had occurred.

Everybody praised each the husband and spouse and the information unfold like a wildfire.
The King additionally heard this incident and he known as on the poet and prostrated earlier than Poongoathai.

Poongothai thus turned very well-known and the very tough query was thus answered fittingly.

A basic work in Tamil known as ‘ Neeti Venba’ in one among its verses (verse no 30) defines an ideal girl thus:

She shall be lovely like a gold. She can have the endurance just like the earth. She who has the attractive breasts will give sexual satisfaction within the mattress to her husband like a prostitute and she’s going to assist her husband like a discovered minister always.

True, Women are nice, extra clever and extra cleverer than man!

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